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FPPRO Repair Academy offers you the best repair experience. You can experience the spirit of repair by participating in our training that improves your hobby and contributes to your career development. Best iPhone repair course in Istanbul Turkey, they speak English

Nowadays, technology’s role in the competition area became so decisive that economic development classifications have turned into companies that keep up with technology or not. In this case, we have entered the brightest years of the repair industry as a result of technological tools’ increased usage. At this stage, we as FPPRO, organize various training activities in order to contribute to your career development. By participating in these training activities, you can keep up with this environment brought by today’s world.

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Personalized Motherboard Repair Courses

There are course levels in our motherboard repair course according to the person who wants to be trained. You can get detailed information by clicking the most appropriate level for you.

Beginner Course  At this course level, beginner level motherboard repair training is given to the people who already know about the disassembly and assembly of an iPhone.
Elementary CourseThe person at this level has basic motherboard knowledge. Simple fault detection methods, tool use, and training on the working principles of the parts are given at this course level.
Pre-Intermediate Course Advanced fault detection techniques, use of fault detection tools, and intervention methods for devices with liquid contact are provided at this course level.
Intermediate Course At this course level, many advanced trainings are provided including swap operations of top model devices.
Advanced Course In this course, advanced training is given to the person about the subjects that person wants who is experienced in motherboard repair.